Composit Collective Art Works


Currrently in Lake Come, Italy, at Villa Carlotta, for a project development :

Last Update : Ocotber 8th 2018

We are hacking plants!

"Using the broad theme of nature, we want to bring to the audience’s attention the current relationship that our civilisation has created with nature. In Western society, we have idealised the notion of nature; it is something purely good, without fault, to be protected, nurtured and admired. This complies with our current use and daily interaction with nature in a domesticated form. It is also a product of the scale with which we, as humans, view or perceive the world. However, not so long ago in our history, and indeed within other parts of the world, nature is a threat, untameable and unpredicatable. Our current perspective is self-perpetuating; we surround ourself by our own version of ‘nature’, and so we see it how we have decided to define it. Notably, Western society also systematically separates the notion of culture and the notion of the natural environment as distinct and discrete concepts."