About Us

Christophe Kensuke NANJO

Born in Japan and raised in Aurillac, France. Christophe is a mechanical engineer, specialised in aeronautical design.A self-taught programmer, Christophe connects the physical aspects of the works to the immaterial; and thrives on solving new technical challenges. Enabling audience interaction through connectivity, he enjoys seeing the end result, co-created by the people in the space.


Nicolas Charbonnier‘s work is originally based on a double aspiration: that of using a computer not as a practical tool but for its calculation power, paradoxically leading to a very organic aesthetic result. He wishes to challenge aesthetics, usually associated with technologies. He therefore created his own arrangement tool, a real network not only inspired by the internet but also by biological ecosystems (each element is interconnected and the transformations of the information and the sound material are constant and unstable). So instead of focusing on a fixed entry, with each new interpretation/installation he redefines the borders in which the tool will shift, giving the audience an opportunity to discover new pathways within the same artwork. Each man-made impetus can drastically alter the path of the work’s development. It is therefore a matter of setting up a sound flow, full and dense, vivid and organic, constantly evolving in unexpected ways. Recollections may arise from the flow but will remain vague and polyvalent. The lack of obvious markers will entice us to focus on a present instant that is constantly evolving. Each sound, each event, is born and dies almost instantly, hence alluding to the ephemeral nature of things. From this, an uncertain beauty results, which calls on both our memory and our sensations, and relies on the codes of the collective unconscious.

Guillaume LEGER

Ever since childhood, Guillaume has had a habit of disassembling stuff in order to understand « how it works ». He then went on to study mechanical engineering and worked in both the automotive and aeronautical fields. Around the same time, he was part of an organisation whose goal was to initiate people into audiovisual communication and live performance recording. Today, he devotes his spare time to contributing to the making of art performances through the technical development of COMPOSIT projects.